Love Chloe woody floral musk perfume is by no means the only perfume in this family that I have because I really like woody ones. Love Chloe is a very correct perfume, I called it a very correct correct perfume, in fact I use it a lot to go to work in a perfumery, high enough to look good, you can work, you can go to work, also to put it on in closed places because it is not invasive at all. . It's not annoying at all, it's a very elegant perfume but, let's say, an elephant on point. Pleasant to wear, very bearable, it is a light woody floral with a powdery note, I really like this perfume and I also love its little bottle because as if it were a flask the cap is held like this with a little chain and I find it very Well, I said it, I really like Love Chloe and I think it's an ideal perfume for autumn, but it seems perfect for when it arrives.

Paris by Yves Saint Laurent , which already has a review on the channel because it is one of the all-time favorites, is a floral aldehyde perfume with a lot of presence and personality, with more trail than the previous one. It has been shown that you can still wear it. I think that any time of the day for me to go to work to be in the afternoon to go for a walk to go out at night I certainly identify with people a lot but a perfect perfume for when autumn arrives I don't use this in summer because It has too much trail, too much intensity too, so in summer I leave it a little aside but of course for autumn it is perfect, as I say, floral aldehyde perfume, very rich in notes, I am going to leave here on a little card the complete review that I have of this perfume in case you want to know something more.

Burberry weekend I love this perfume, I am passionate about it, it is a perfume that has a lot of freesia and I apart from the three and remember like a park after the rain the wet earth is a fantastic perfume I really like it with maximum intensity I love the perfumes that are rectangular, not very tall, not very bothersome to store and this one also wants to remember the famous the famous train the famous Burberry trench coat in fact the material in the bow is made of that something put this material that they are made of I think they wanted remember a little like I don't know like a rainy day in London or something like that and of course they succeed but the predominant note is the freesia which I think is fantastic with a very autumnal trail.

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