403 - Similar to Emperatrice by D&G.

This perfume Similar to Emperatrice by D&G belongs to the aquatic floral olfactory family and is considered the best women's perfume 2019 . Its top notes are jasmine which is a flower, pink pepper which is a bush, another top note that will have a special touch is kiwi which is a quite exotic fruit and which brings great freshness to the fragrance, let's find rhubarb, which is a vegetable that will provide the presence of a citrus aroma that will give it elegance and sophistication.

In the heart notes we will find the Persian violet, something more floral but elegant and we will find the watermelon that together with the kiwi will make this fragrance not as common as some others. Watermelon is a fruit that, above all, will give the aquatic character to the fragrance, it is elegant and gives it a slightly crystalline touch and, above all, refreshing power and that wherever you are it will seem as if you had just come out of a bath and finally.

In the lemon base notes , the difference of lemons in the lemon tree leaves or the oil obtained from the leaves with a lemon smell but with much more power, we will find the musk whose main function of this perfume is to blend with The pH of your body, however, in this one it is a little more highlighted we are going to find, also as a background note the sandalwood, well this is a bush that takes around 30 years to mature to be able to bring the essence they use.

Let's apply ourselves a little, because at first start what you feel is the kiwi, the kiwi comes out predominating a lot. With the red pepper, I think that the pink pepper in this perfume gives it a certain spicy tone, the fragrance is somewhat special and it is accompanied slightly by the watermelon and, deep down, the jasmine. The truth is that pink pepper predominates a lot in the output because I think it feels strong.

Middle phase of the perfume, the only thing that predominates is jasmine and watermelon, the truth is that it is quite youthful, making it fresh and aquatic.

Final phase of the fragrance will continue to be dominated by watermelon accompanied by sandalwood, which will be really elegant, sophisticated and very pleasant to the smell. Of all the people I have asked what they think of this perfume so far they think it is incredible, they all agree that the best part of this perfume is the middle phase when the pink pepper disappears and the watermelon takes center stage along with the jasmine and a certain interest in kiwi is when people say that the fragrance smells very good, cataloging it as the best women's perfume 2019

403 - Similar to Emperatrice by D&G.

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