I have to talk about an exciting topic that is how to conquer women with fragrances . I am convinced that they are the best and I believe that they are ideal when it comes to conquering a woman. I now bring the ones that I have proven through experience to be the ones that can help us the most. It is important to use a fragrance to conquer a woman. In my opinion, if we imagine a man who smells bad or does not smell good to me, we obviously compare it, the difference is enormous, true, a person. that smells bad generates immediate and almost certain rejection. Now a man who doesn't smell like anything and a man who smells good, there is also a difference that he smells good has a point gained from charming, clean, masculine attractiveness, the other has a slight disadvantage. They provoke reactions when it comes to conquering, when it comes to projecting an image, when it comes to so many things!!!! TRUE?? and we start!!!!!!!!!

  1. Carolina Herrera

One of my favorites, charming, enveloping in size, excellent for the night and excellent to conquer. Seductive young woman, one of the few that my wife asks me to keep this perfume and that is not very common for her.

6 Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Classic fragrance with a heavy trail that flies with earthy moss, a little minty, very masculine who likes the traditional and that must be taken into account, sweetened, beautiful, it is a super intense perfume with a great trail, a sweet smell with a sea breeze.

5 Hugo Boss Bottled

Fragrance that goes one step beyond normal. Heavier perfume, a little deeper and a fabulous conquering fragrance. It is very masculine, traditional, it is also a little more mature than the norm. The other time perhaps more versatile although this one is more elegant to conquer. I see it as more appropriate wherever I go, aroma of apple, cinnamon

Of the entire list, the most elegant fragrance I wear is

4 Dior Homme Parfum

This would be the one I would use if I had to choose just one elegant fragrance for one for a super super elegant event. Iris flower fragrance what is a flower. It has a leather note that makes it very masculine, which is why it is my favorite.

3 Polo blue Eau de Parfum  

A very discreet and elegant silent trail, mature, it is worth being in the sea, being on the beach, marine, elegant for a person, for a man with things resolved, why it is a little mature, it is a fantastic fragrance, this is one of all the fragrances that I have heard myself from. Of all the fragrances that I have, this is the only one that I have worn a couple of times and my wife, who is a person who is difficult to smell, said that she loves it, that is, it draws attention to her.

2 Aventus Creed by Oliver Creed

Very expensive and not everything is affordable, I bought it because I'm kind of crazy xd but it's a perfume that I love, but I recognize that it has prohibitive prices, a very high fragrance that cannot be purchased permanently or anything. Spectacular, paternally enveloping, it reminds you of pineapple, ash, with a touch of smoke, vanilla, musk, very well made. It lasts a long time, but what happens is that it doesn't last when projecting 2m, this lasts 24 hours, 48 ​​hours in clothes but with a discreet aroma it does come out little by little from the clothes as if it were an oil, super explosive

We move on to number 1!!!!

Now yes, taking into account my experience with this fragrance and it is neither more nor less than the incredible fragrance that in my opinion is one of the best fragrances that can be found now on the market and personal opinion that they conquered that today I want What option would I be?

1 Allure Sport by Chanel

It is a spectacular fragrance, entire hyperplasia fragrance, love at first sight. It is a very experimental fragrance and once you smell it on other people you will observe how an incredibly spectacular aroma develops, a very practical perfume for general use, very convenient on not so cool days, this perfume ignites the value it has to conquer a woman. I am convinced that it is a very high value, give it a chance, especially given the female reactions that this has.

I hope it has been of help to you and that you tell me how these perfumes work for you and how they work.

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