Fruta de la Pasión, Beneficios de la Maracuyá

Passion Fruit, Benefits of Passion Fruit

Benefits of eating Passion fruit

Did you know that thanks to its high percentage of vitamins and minerals, a single piece
of passion fruit a day can help you improve your general health in multiple aspects?
Fruit of the passion
The passion fruit or passion fruit pasiflora edulis has a surprising number of benefits for your health if you incorporate it into your diet some of
These include:
Preventing the growth of cancer cells, stimulates your digestion and immune function, improves your eyesight, promotes the health of your skin , regulates the fluid balance in your body , lowers blood pressure, optimizes circulation and bone mineral density, reduces signs of premature aging. , also reduces inflammation, improves
sleeping habits, eliminates asthma.
It may seem a little strange to you that the passion fruit or passion fruit has so many wonders to offer you, and it is also a fruit that usually grows easily in all types of climates .
There are a wide variety of colors but the most common are yellow and dark purple. Passion fruit adds an exotic flavor and appearance to your meals in addition to being so beneficial, its benefits are many more than you could imagine. Discover some of them below,
Its high nutritional value, passion fruit is full of:
Minerals and vitamins antioxidants flavonoids, vitamin e vitamin c riboflavin, niacin, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, fiber, protein many of the percentages of these nutrients are surprisingly high for cancer prevention, antioxidants from the fruit of the passion especially the vitamin.
Today, whether phenolic compounds have anticancer properties
particularly in terms of oral and lung cancer, so the fruit of the
passion eliminates free radicals that are known to mutate the DNA of
healthy cells in carcinogenic high vitamin content apart from its anti-cancer properties. Also, if you are worried about
appearance of your skin, you will be pleased to know that these antioxidants are also
good for reducing wrinkles , vitamin a works specifically for
enrich the skin as it promotes the proper functioning of your body's membranes and keeps your skin hydrated and digestion bright thanks to its high fiber content.
A single serving of this fruit provides 98 percent of your daily fiber requirement, which is essential in a diet.
healthy because it facilitates the digestion of food and regulates the
movement of your intestine, both the pulp and the rind of the passion fruit are a good source of soluble fiber that acts as a natural laxative and
reduces the time of exposure to toxins in feces, relieves the symptoms of constipation, cleanses blood vessels and eliminates excess cholesterol while preventing gastrointestinal diseases such as
colon and rectal cancer blood pressure.
If you consume a daily serving of this wonderful fruit you can satisfy a quarter of the potassium level that your body needs.
Potassium is a vital mineral for the health of the human body for many reasons.
reasons among which its vasodilatory properties stand out, which help to
That blood flow is greater, this in turn reduces heart pressure and increases your general cardiovascular health. Potassium maintains the balance of fluids in the body's cells. Adequate amounts of potassium are very important, as you may notice, so if you If you make sure to eat a passion fruit daily, you will make your heart very happy. Improves circulation when the amazing properties of potassium are combined.
The high iron and copper content of this fruit improves your circulation, since iron and copper are the two essential components of production
of the red cells in your blood.
Remember that blood travels through your organs and by transporting
Oxygen increases your productivity and efficiency Healthy blood flow
It is essential for your body to function correctly bone health thanks to the minerals contained in passion fruit, it increases mineral density and
resistance of your bones.
Some of these minerals are integral to creating bone material and strengthening it as well as accelerating the repair of your bones.
Eating a passion fruit a day can help you prevent and relieve
the symptoms of osteoporosis and the pain associated with this disease when
just like the inflammation that occurs when bones deteriorate with
age and physical activity, other advantages of this fruit is that it can
help you overcome problems such as insomnia and breathing difficulties,
It will also be very easy for you to include it in your diet thanks to its delicious flavor and
easy incorporation into both drinks and your meals.
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